Boomerang Storage, LLC. is hiring for our busy student summer storage business. We have a variety of positions open for conducting moving and storage pickups & deliveries at several schools in Western Massachusetts and beyond.

These positions are temporary

Current Job Openings

Summer Storage & Moving Positions- Move In Period

Approx. Early August to Early September

  • Drivers / Crew Member: (Job Open) Responsible for driving, customer service, processing orders, conducting storage pickups & deliveries of storage, loading / unloading trucks and working with management.
    -Morning, daytime, and / or mix of evenings
  • Crew Team Member (non driving): (Job Open) Responsible for customer service, conducting pickups & deliveries of storage, loading and unloading trucks. (Non-Driving)
    -Morning, daytime, and / or mix of evenings
  • Warehouse Manager: (Currently Filled) Responsible for facilitating unloading and loading of trucks, organization of our warehouse. Excellent organizational skills, ability to lead crews, and fast paced work ethic is a must.
    -Morning, afternoon, and evenings until about 8-9pm

Dates of hire:

  • Fall School Move-Out Period – Mid August to early September

Compensation: $13.50-$16.00 per hour plus tips

Compensation commensurate with experience


Dorm Move-In Jobs- Apply Now